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Images for:

for yourself / life partner / children
birth / wedding / departure / opening a business
house / residence / favorite place
your car, bike / computer / business tools

Types of images and formates:

image for a machine
format: A4 + 2x creditcard-format, laminated – 21 x 29.7/5.4 x 8.7cm
personal image / event / place
format: A3 – 29.7 x 42cm or  A2 – 42 x 59.4cm
other images / art on buildings
format:  please contact my


What I need to now from you for a image:

For yourself:
Your complete name.
For another person:
The complete name of this person.
For an event:
Place, date, time und kind of the event.
For a place:
Description of the place and a time information.
For a machine:
Owner of the machine and a description about the function.

Perhaps I need more precise informations, please contact me!