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Images from the Spirit,
personal images for meditation .....


What I must know about you before a image can come into being:
I and my father / 7.-10. Januar 2009


Since my youth, forms and movements in nature and technology have always fascinated me.
My father often made farmer paintings primarily on furniture. Since I began practicing Aikido in 1978, I have studied ornaments, symbols and other works of art from all over the world. I discovered the same basic forms in art and Aikido: triangle, square and circle and spirales. When in motion, these forms create spheres and other 3-dimensional objects. Meeting people through Aikido inspired my to create individual personal images for them. My own first shapes were derived from the circle divided into 24 parts. I discovered that a single form can correspond to several individuals by using different patterns and color schemes. Later on I grouped images together in family Mandalas.

The images from 1990 and onwards represent a synthesis of everything I have studied to this day.

My latest works are images for machines: images designed to help create better contact between humans and the spirit of the machine - a search for an image that represent the creative potential between users and machines.

The images are like windows for me. Looking at them meditatively can bring one to a deeper level of self-awareness. The most important thing for me is perception: my images are like shadows from objects of 3 or more dimensions. An individual image lends itself to many possible ways of interpretation.

When I ask for a image I try to make a spiritual connection to a person, place, event or machine and then I draw the image. In this state of openess and inspiration I am being both active and passive. This is a prayer state, or in other words:
a way to be in resonance with everything that is.